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[住所] 長野県松本市大手4-9-1
[営業] 11:00~14:00/17:00~20:00 LO(月曜定休)

Eel restaurant Sakuraya

We have served grilled eel and kappo (Japanese-style cooking) since the foundation in Taisho 9 (1920) in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture.

With almost 100 years of history, we have succeeded our traditional old taste with the predecessor’s will and developed new and friendly taste.

“Sakuraya’s eel” grilled by our special sauce

Our eel is Kansai-style grilled eel with the special sauce that has been passed down for generations, which is not steamed

Since we grill eel while removing the excess fat appropriately, you can enjoy the original taste and the fluffy texture of it.

Our restaurant has a friendly atmosphere and you can enjoy the good taste of Shinshu that contain different tastes from different seasons. We are waiting for your visit preparing our traditional taste that has been handed down from Taisho Era.

“Sakuraya’s eel” grilled by our special sauce

Sakuraya’s special dish “Sasamushi”

“Sasamushi” was originally created by us as a present in Showa 50 (1975) using the glutinous rice of Azumi Rice and bamboo leaves named Misuzu that are very famous in Shinshu.

We leave grilled eel out for a while to enrich the flavor of it, and roll it up with glutinous rice and bamboo leaves.

This Sasamushi is a kind of *“Chimaki with grilled eel”. The rice soaks in the sauce well and the smell of bamboo leaves highlights the original taste of eel.
Japanese steamed rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves

We provide Sasamushi online and also at major department stores in Tokyo, Nagoya and so on. It is highly evaluated by our customers.

Hope you will try and taste it.

Sakuraya’s special dish “Sasamushi”


Address 4-9-1, Oote, Matsumoto-shi, Nagano, JAPAN
TEL 0263-33-2660
Opening hours 11:00~14:00 / 17:00~20:00 LO
Regular holiday Monday
Number of seat First floor : 7 counter seat / 30 table seat
Second floor : Japanese style(5 rooms)2~30 people / banquet hall up to 50 people
Parking space 10
Credit card VISA、MASTER、JCB、AMEX、Diners、PayPay

Approximately 3 minutes’ walk from Matsumoto Castle
Approximately 12 minutes’ walk from Matsumoto Station on the Shinonoi JR Line

Matsumoto Tour Bus “Town Sneaker” North Course
Departing from Matsumoto Station, Oshiroguchi stop, to Marunouchi stop, and Approximately 2 minutes’ walk

On the Nagano Expressway, approximately 3 km. (15 mins.) to Matsumoto City downtown area from the Matsumoto Exit.

Handling store of “Sasamushi”


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